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With years of experience in the consulting, financing, and operations industry, our team at Gryphon Consulting Services is your number one choice for all of your investigation and certification needs. No matter what situation you find yourself in, we’re here to help you get the results you need through proven strategies and cutting-edge technology. Our services are available at an affordable price to ensure you get the support you need. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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DUI Consultant ServicesExpert DUI Consultant ServicesOur consultation services are discreet and professional, providing you with support after being charged with a DUI. If you’ve been pulled over and charged, it’s important that you seek experienced support as soon as possible. We work with you and law enforcement to ensure that the charges laid against you are valid and just, giving you the results you need in less time.
Reliable Process ServersReliable Processes ServiceIf you need to serve legal documents to someone, we can help with your process service needs. We provide expedient, accountable, and reliable service at affordable costs. We know the importance of having your process servicing done properly, ensuring that all legal documents are finished adequately and everything is included.
Firearms QualificationsLaw Enforcement Officers Safety ActOur team at Gryphon Consulting is fully licensed and a qualified LEOSA firearms qualification centre. We specialize in offering services for retired law enforcement, retirees from federal agencies, and retired military personnel. We will also help with new certifications and renewals of existing certifications. If you’re looking for firearms qualifications, look no further and contact us today.
Professional Domestic InvestigatorsDomestic Investigative ServicesOur team understands that professionalism, discretion, and integrity are all important to you. With experts in domestic investigations such as infidelity, violence, custody cases, and more, we at Gryphon Consulting can help get you information and offer consultation and support. If you have any concerns about domestic issues, please contact us!
GPS Tracking ServicesReal Time GPS TrackerGPS systems offer some of the best safety features as they can give you real-time tracking and location information. In today’s modern world, GPS systems are used for a variety of ways and in multiple industries, offering a range of services meant to provide convenience, safety, and protection. Not only can they be used to track people, but they can also be used to track personal belongings as well.
Background Check ServicesBackground Checking ServicesWhether you’re looking to hire, getting a proper background check done is extremely important. When hiring, reliable and properly performed background checks are integral for ensuring that your future employees meant your requirements. This can be a great way to determine an employee’s fit and character without wasting time moving to further stages, such as interviewing or hiring.
Child Custody and Access AssessmentsChild Custody InvestigationsNo matter what the reason, child custody cases can be very stressful, difficult, and burdening to families and parents. Our team at Gryphon Consulting wants to make this process as simple, seamless, and smooth as possible, helping to provide the best in protection and surveillance. Contact us to let us help you find the best solutions moving forward.

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